Reggie Givens is a veteran of the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL). With over 15 years of experience, he has developed a result guaranteed system to drop pounds and inches while sculpting the perfect body.

His personalized programs are designed to target personal problem areas. His special technique of combining cardio and weight training with nutrition is set apart from other programs.  He is more than a trainer; Coach Givens is a trained wellness coach and nutrition expert. With Blitz Fitness you will receive a customized workout that will fit with your lifestyle and will sculpt mind and body.

He trains privately at your home, office, Local Park or gym. Regardless of whether you choose a group Blitz Camp or private individual training, Reggie gives personal attention to help set goals in the process of getting physically and mentally fit.

Whether it is to gain muscle, increase endurance or enhance speed, Coach Givens does a complete evaluation before your 90day personalized program begins, to assess your physical condition and design a customize plan. If you are determined to strengthen your mind and body to reach your goals, then Blitz Fitness is for you!

Give me TIME, give me DEDICATION, give me SACRIFICE
you get RESULTS!

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